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What can I do in Ledro in the rain?

The blue sky above the Valle di Ledro becomes dark and in a few minutes there is a sudden downpour! It can also happen when you are on holiday…but do not despair because we have thought of a few useful ideas for you if it rains. Once you have returned to the hotel to get an umbrella and a waterproof mac, come with us to discover the attractions of the Valle di Ledro that you can appreciate (especially) when it rains.


The Valle di Ledro in spring and spectacular flower blossoming in Dromaè

Walking among the flowering meadows and recharging your body and mind: flower blossoming in Dromaè is one of the events at the beginning of the season in the Valle di Ledro. The festival is for those who love hiking, for families and botany enthusiasts, who will be able to experience the spectacular blossoming of more than 1,000 different species of flowers! This year, the festival will take place on 20 May 2018.


The Pile-dwellings of the Valle di Ledro

The Valle di Ledro has been inhabited since the Bronze Age: many traces of this can still be seen in its extensive archaeological area and at the Museo delle Palafitte (Pile-dwelling Museum) in Ledro.