Five typical products for five culinary experiences in Ledro Valley

formaggi tipici valle di ledro

From beer to liqueurs, to polenta and to homemade pastry products: in Ledro Valley you can taste the typical specialities of the zone in unique contexts!

A welcome glass of Leder craft beer, followed by a steaming polenta, then by traditional sweets concluding with a taste of hystorical liqueur Picco Rosso Foletto.

Discover with us the top 5 of culinary experiences you can taste in Ledro Valley.

The Ledro Valley Beer: tasting at the Brewery “Birrificio Leder

Craft beer has become increasingly popular in Trentino. Relaunched by Val di Fiemme, it has immediately found fertile ground throughout the region.

Therefore, also the Ledro Valley has its craft brewery: the brewery “Birrificio Leder”, born in 2015, produces particular and high-quality beers thanks to the pure water of our alpine drinking water sources and thanks to the experience gained by expert brew masters in Czech Republic.

The special feature of this brewery consists in taking inspiration from beers of Bohemian Tradition, a distant country, very strongly linked to history of the Ledro Valley and its pensionless pre-retirees.

Don’t miss their Bohemian Pils and Bohemian Dunkel beers!

An experience in mountain hut with cheeses at “Malga Trat”

Ledro Valley’s mountains are topped with huts where cows and goats can graze into the open air by eating fresh grass. This is the underlying secret for a high-quality cheese!

We recommend you “Malga Trat”, very easy to reach, throught the path that starts at Lezumo in Concei Valley, even by car following the asphalt road.

During the summer, Mrs. Stefania, owner of the farm “La Genziana”, is ready to welcome you in hut to make you taste fresh or matured goat and cow’s milk cheeses. In the summer period, the shop is open to supply you of cheeses at Km 0, whereas in winter the farm La Genziana awaits you at Concei Locca. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the event “Montain Hut at sunrise” during the summer: an experience that will lead you to the discovery of the mountain cheeses’ production techniques.

Discovery the best potato polenta of the Valley at “Al Faggio” Chalet

One of the dishes which better describes the Ledro Valley is the famous potato polenta, a rich and tasty meal that embodies all the tradition of the valley. The Chalet “Al Faggio” is the right place where you can taste this particular polenta. The rustic chalet, surrounded by woods of Concei Valley, awaits good food lovers both in winter and in summer. Ledro Valley’s potato polenta is enriched with local potatoes, a handful of white flour, a handful of buckwheat flour and golden onion…an explosion of flavours to taste after a regenerative walk in the beech tree forests that surround the chalet.

Ledro Valley’s small fruits and sweets to taste at the farm “Bosc del Meneghì”

Gourmand people must visit the organic farm “Bosc del Meneghì”: a craft business, certified “organic”, which produces typical and genuine specialities. The “Bosc del Meneghì” is placed at Pur and it is opened from spring to late autumn. Here you can taste jams, syrups, herbal teas, obtained from small fruits, but also savory pies and home-made focacce, using ingredients coming from organic and biodynamic agriculture. In the summer, it is possible to take part in the tasting evenings “The Forest in the Plate” for tasting a complete menu, from starters to desserts, whereas during the closure period, the well-stocked online shop is active.

The “Bosc del Meneghì” produces also cosmetic products like creams based on red fruits, that must not be missed!

Ledro Valley’s Spices and liqueurs: The Foletto Museum

The Pharmacy lab Foletto’s Museum is a real institution in Ledro Valley! Born in 1850, it was originally used as pharmacy and apothecary and, then, as laboratory for the production of liqueurs and syrups based on herbs and small fruits.

The Foletto family, of Venetian origin, opened in 2000 at Pieve di Ledro a museum dedicated to the history of Foletto pharmacy and its products. Its workhorse is the famous Picco Rosso liqueur, invented around the 1940s by Achille Foletto, physician and pharmacist, while he was working at Riva del Garda Hospital with the aim to raise the morale of soldiers that returned injured from the Front. The famous liqueur, produced using herbs, wild strawberries and raspberries, is excellent if icy but also warmed tasted. In the last years, it has become the basis for cocktails and modern aperitifs like the Vulkan Bier, based on Weiss Beer and Piccolo Rosso. Try it in the Valley places and don’t forget to immerse yourself in stills and spices of the historical museum of Pieve!

Many of these typical products and recipes are offered by Garden Restaurant’s menus.

We are waiting for you to taste our tasting menus, from Easter to October!


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