Typical recipes of the Ledro Valley

Nestled between the mountains of Garda and Trentino, the Ledro Valley offers interesting and diversified gastronomic proposals, as well as cold meats, dairy products, beers and spirits. The community of the Ledro Valley has helped to create a unique culinary panorama: its being a border land and a country of exodus is reflected in typical recipes that are very particular, some even with Bohemian tones.

Let’s discover together the recipes of the Ledro Valley’s tradition that you can taste in restaurants, alpine pastures and refuges or simply taking a seat under the domes of our Garden Ledro Restaurant.

Cold meats and cheeses of the Ledro Valley

Shall we start with the appetizers? The Trentino platter of cured meats and cold cuts is a classic dish, a must in every menu. In the Ledro Valley it is composed of mountain cheeses such as the typical “Latte Ledro”. Mountain cheeses match perfectly with “Dalla Fattoria”small fruit jams of Patrizia dal Bosco and with Gabos honey. Let’s complete our appetizer with excellent products prepared from the butchers of the valley, such as cold cuts made from wild game, speck and sausages.

The typicality of Caponec

Do you know “Caponec”? In this typical dish we find the vicinity with the Brescia area: Caponec are rolls of grapevine leaves filled with bread, grated cheese, lucanica sausage or lard cooked in a brass pot over the fire. The recipe varies from country to country, from Locca to Enguiso, and each one preserves a variant. Which ones are better? Go and discover this speciality during the summer festivals in Val Concei!

Purple potato gnocchi, canederli and stuffed pasta

First courses that are typical of Ledro have their origin in the Trentino tradition: you can often find canederli, potato gnocchi, homemade strangolapreti and ravioli in the menus of the Valley. These fresh pastries are enriched by herbs of the field, scented mushrooms, tasty alpine cheeses and they are often flavored with local truffle that we buy from Claudio Casolla.

Among the most famous agricultural specialities of the Ledro Valley, there is the purple potato with which it is possible to create delicious gnocchi that are flavoured with the saffron of the farm “Meneghì” (another excellence of the Valley).

The “Piatto Ledro”: not to be missed

In this dish proposed by the Garden Restaurant you can find all the mountain flavours of the Ledro Valley: the beef stew with a sauce of mushrooms, the steaming polenta of Storo and the delicious melted cheese. All the flavours that are more typical for Trentino region are concentrated in a single dish: a second course, perfect for the cool days, to be accompanied by aromatic notes of the Leder craft beer.

Polenta “concia” and potatoes Polenta

An absolute classic of the Ledro Valley, this luscious dish based on potatoes is often enriched with cheese, butter and lucanica sausage: thus was born the famous “Polenta Concia”. In the Ledro Valley, you can taste it in many country festivals throughout the year.

Flavours of lake and flavours of river

The Ledro Valley is not only mountains: the lake and clear and clean rivers offer raw materials with whom to create excellent fish-based dishes.

Trouts and chars are the kings of the table and they can be tasted smoked, such as the ones produced by Troticoltura Armanini, accompanied by butter made with milk from the malga and toasted bread or simply grilled with Garda oil and served with vegetables from our garden.

If you’re a seafood lover, then don’t miss the themed menu “Flavours of lake” of the Garden Restaurant.

Bohemian dumplings and the cuisine of Exodus

During the First World War, the population of the Ledro Valley was evacuated to Bohemia and Moravia: during the war years, the women from Trentino learnt how to cook some Bohemian dishes, which have since become a part of the culinary tradition of the valley. Among these dishes are the gnocchi boemi (i.e. Bohemian dumplings), sweet gnocchi made of potatoes flavoured with cinnamon and filled with plums. Classically they are served sautéed in melted butter and sprinkled powdered sugar and breadcrumbs.

We have reached the end of meal…

Spirits and the Picco Rosso liqueur of the Ledro Valley

Trentino region is known for its spirits and distillates and the Ledro Valley is no exception…

Why don’t we aid digestion drinking a grappa or sipping the famous “Picco Rosso” of the Foletto Pharmaceutical Laboratory?

Discover here more about the typical products of Ledro Valley.


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