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Five senses in the four elements menu

“Synaesthesia is a different perception that contaminates our senses.”
The strong bond that springs from two senses, the colour of food and its smell, a fragrance that lets us imagine a taste that slightly deceives the palate, shaping our perceptions, as if what we see or hear was already present on our tongue.
Depending on products, colour and shape and the resulting flavour is perceived differently and depends on us alone.
The same thing happens when we look at an abstract painting, which, as if by magic, acquires a shape, taste, smell, noise… It is the power of love.

  • Fillet of pork with lily of the valley and mixed green salad leaves, shallots braised in red wine, “mostarda” and a touch of mustard,
  • cream of watercress with salmon trout caviar,
  • potato gnocchi with nettles, prestigious Monte Baldo black truffle sauce and sautéed wild honey mushrooms,
  • fillet of beef served on lava stone, potato baked in ashes and “rosso fuoco” stewed Belgian endive,
  • hazelnut “terra” with ricotta cheese with oil, honey and liquorice.

To transcend the limitations of the body, you have to immerse yourself in it, you have to be totally open to your senses.
(Jim Morrison)

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