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Lake Ledro is surrounded by a ring of mountains. The predominant feature of the landscape are the Pre-Alps of the Ledro area, which give rise to a host of streams.
The quality and quantity of the water are the most important factors for salmonids, fish that require plenty of fresh clean oxygenated water.
A connection with the local area has always been the common thread that has influenced the choices on our menus. Freshwater fish are rich in omega-3, do not taste of mud, are not fat at all and have an amazing flavour.
Try them for yourselves!

  • “En saor” sardine (marinated with onions) timbale with grilled polenta slices,
  • homemade pasta with a pinch of bran with whitefish bites and wild garlic cream,
  • alpine char turban with lemon thyme potato fondue and vegetable tartare with extra-virgin olive oil glaze,
  • fraga grape parfait.

The calm waters of a lake reflect the beauty that surrounds it; when the mind is serene, the beauty of the self is reflected in it.
(Bsk Iyengar)

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