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Welcome to the alpine pastures of Trentino, a world of genuineness and forgotten flavours.
Each alpine pasture expresses a variety of flavours and fragrances in its dairy products.
The varied soils, vegetation and microclimate characteristic of each alpine dairy and the sheer naturalness of the diet of the herds on pasture lands makes the milk produced, rich in ferments and micro-organisms, extremely typical and unique.
Products not only differ in taste but sometimes even in terms of processing, from alpine dairy to alpine dairy: with the help of our shepherds, genuine people who are proud of their work, we wanted to “bring back to dishes” this world that has miraculously survived industrialisation and standardisation, intact landscapes of rare beauty and genuine flavours.

  • Homemade ricotta cheese with mountain herbs and potato “cannolo” from the Val di Gresta,
  • canederlotti with Trentino cheeses, cream of wild spinach with extra-virgin olive oil (from the Garda area) glaze,
  • pork escalope with honey and chamomile potatoes,
  • lemon blancmange with pollen ice cream.

Time stands still along the trembling white trail of sheep, slowly moving from meadow to meadow and lightly trampling while following the winding tracks that lead to pastures.
Bleating lambs find refuge among soft fleece while the silence broken by the calls of friendly voices fills the air, a few bells bringing them together. Unaware of their fate as a flock, together they hope to head back along the track to the sheepfold.
That silent white river and the animated buzz of their passing left me, in my heart, the peace I was looking for.
I look at the tracks they have left, which tell me that happiness has also passed by here.
(Mirella Narducci)

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