Yoga week

From 18/05/2019 To 25/05/2019

Yoga nel giardino dell'hotel Garden

Find your inner balance. A journey to get to know oneself.

Are you burnt out? Is your life too chaotic? Are you under stress?
The problems we face every day often leave us stressed, tired and sometimes even unhappy.
Meditation is a useful, simple and effective tool for calming the mind, relaxing the body and finding inner peace that helps us to order the chaos of everyday life.

Take time for our yoga and meditation sessions. Take time for yourselves.

During your yoga holiday, you can begin a journey in search of yourselves: guided yoga sessions with Cristina in our garden, in our cosy rooms and suites, as well as spacious apartments and the wonderful natural views of Lake Garda entice you to spend your holiday doing yoga in Trentino, with many moments of peace, meditation and concentration.

Yoga during your holiday:

  • 7 nights detox with half board
  • Every day, yoga sessions with Cristina (in the morning or evening) in our park with a panoramic view of the mountains.
  • Every day, a detox ayurvedic herbal tea
  • 2 hours in our Private Spa

From €385 per person

Sun salutation: Sun salutation, also called “prayer to the sun”, is a succession of 12 Yoga positions (Asanas), which are performed fluently maintaining a controlled breathing rhythm.
Sun salutation has an invigorating effect on the body, soul and spirit.
Our joints are moved, muscles and ligaments are stretched, and our circulatory system is stimulated and exercised. It is mild effective stimulation, which massages and relaxes the organs of the digestive tract.

Evening meditation: The relaxing effect of meditation helps reduce stress and enhance physical and mental health, our wellbeing and overall satisfaction. Meditation also helps us to find deep and lasting inner peace and balance.

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