The Valle di Ledro in spring and spectacular flower blossoming in Dromaè

Walking among the flowering meadows and recharging your body and mind: flower blossoming in Dromaè is one of the events at the beginning of the season in the Valle di Ledro. The festival is for those who love hiking, for families and botany enthusiasts, who will be able to experience the spectacular blossoming of more than 1,000 different species of flowers! This year, the festival will take place on 20 May 2018.

Why is the Valle di Ledro a Biosphere Reserve?

Nature has been generous here: it is a very special alpine area, featuring the typical flora of the Dolomites with evergreen and deciduous woods, as well as the presence of Mediterranean plants due to the proximity of Lake Garda and Lake Ledro with their mitigating effect. This is one of the factors that have helped to make the Val di Ledro part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is a very important acknowledgement, which we try to preserve every day.

The flowering meadows of Dromaè

n May and June, the alpine area above the village of Mezzolago is coloured white and fuchsia: wild daffodils and peonies cover the grass with their coloured petals along with other native species such as wild orchids and lilies, primroses, gentians and buttercups dotting the landscape here and there.

We suggest you take photos of this amazing feast for the eyes. Take the opportunity and don’t forget your camera or your smartphone. It’s worth it!

After having your fill of colours, it is time for the festival! The Pro Loco in Mezzolago, the organiser of the event, prepares lunch: a typical meal of the mountains comprising Storo polenta, chops and “salamelle” (sausages).

Getting to Dromaè

The trail from Mezzolago to Dromaè has a difference in altitude of 800 metres, which can be tackled along paths of varying difficulty:

The “Strada vecchia” route (Old Road): the most direct and steepest route, which takes about an hour and a half walking along a mule track through the woods;

The “Strada Forestale” route (Forest Road): an 8-km route takes you along a continuous slightly uphill slope that also leads to the Fienili of Dromaè. Long overall yet panoramic, this trail takes about 2.5-3 hours;

The “Sentiero botanico” route (Botanical Route): this route goes through woods taking you past some spots that are interesting for their botanical variety, which can be appreciated while walking along it. The trail crosses the forest road at various points. The trail takes about 2 hours on foot.

Useful information:

  • The transit of vehicles on the forest roads is restricted to permit holders only. Take the opportunity to be surrounded by nature;
  • The above trails cross several military tracks dating back to the First World War. They are not to be missed if you love history;
  • Additional info: the plant species mentioned in this article are all protected. You can also help to preserve them by admiring their beauty…but without picking them!

Is there another reason for going to Dromaè?

From Casinei you can enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Ledro.

Summer is quickly approaching! See you soon in the Valle di Ledro!

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