A weekend in Garda Trentino

garda trentino

Are you planning a weekend in Trentino in the area of Lake Garda? Yes, we know it: to choose what to see, in this area rich in natural attractions (and not only!) is not at all easy. We therefore decided to help you, by selecting some of the most beautiful destinations in order to spend a weekend among the beauties of Trentino, among lakes, medieval castles and, naturally, mountains!

So here’s a hypothetical travel itinerary around the area of Garda Trentino articulated over two days.


Around Garda Trentino: the first day

The path Busatte Tempesta

You cannot spend your weekend in Trentino without dedicating some of your time to trekking. You don’t have to follow steep and technically difficult paths: Trentino region, in fact, can offer dream landscapes even at low altitudes and through easy and well-marked routes. The path we have selected for you is the Busatte-Tempesta nature trail, that from Busatte Park leads to Tempesta on Gardesane Street. This path is 4 km long with a limited elevation gain (about 300 meters): about an hour and a half of duration, at a gentle pace. The route requires very little climbing and includes a few flights of stairs which are safe and practicable for everyone. It offers exceptional panoramas cliff above the Lake Garda.


The town of Arco and its Castle

After a walk in the middle of nature, we suggest you to visit the town of Arco which is just a few minutes’ drive from Riva del Garda. The real heart of Garda Trentino, located between the lakes and the mountains, this village has been used as a winter home by the Archduke Albrecht of Habsburg. The Habsburgs were the first to enrich Arco with magnificent palaces, luxurious villas and Art Nouveau gardens. Recognised as one of the world’s climbing capitals, Arco offers a historic center renowned for its outdoor shopping. And don’t miss the Arco Castle that with its towers dominates the entire plain of Lake Garda: the ancient fortress can be reached following a short but suggestive path among the olive trees.


Lake Tenno, a turquoise diamond

Your first day in Trento may end with a relax that only alpine lakes can offer you. We have therefore decided to propose you an excursion to Lake Tenno – near the medieval village of Canale di Tenno with its beautiful narrow streets. This lake, ideal for relaxing baths in summer, is unmistakable for its small island which is located a few meters from the shore.


In the area of Lake Garda: the second day

The Monte Baldo, by cableway

For the morning of the second day we have decided to offer you two possibilities, according to your interests. If you want to admire the Lake Garda at an altitude of 1800 meters you can for example reach the top of the mountain with the modern cableway Malcesine-Monte Baldo. This cableway starts from Malcesine and allows you to enjoy a breathtaking panorama, also thanks to its rotating cabins.


Limone sul Garda Bike Path

The second option that we want to offer you concerns the Limone sul Garda bike path which offers breathtaking views of the lake: it is a suspended bike path, one of the most scenic byke routes in Europe. For the moment, it’s only a short stretch for biking or walking (soon, it will be connected with the network of the bike paths in Trentino) but it will be worth it!  After this walk, it is impossible not to visit Limone, famous for its beautiful lemon groves.


The inevitable Riva del Garda

It would be crazy to spend a weekend in this area of Trentino without visiting its pearl, Riva del Garda. Immersed in a lush Mediterranean maquis (it seems incredible for this area!), just a few kilometres from the snow-covered peaks of the Dolomites, it has been loved by famous people such as Kafka and the Mann brothers.

There are many attractions to see: the Rock, the Apponale Tower, the Bastione, the Palazzo Pretorio and the hydroelectric power plant of the 1920s. If you love the sailboat, you can also get carried away by the waves of the lake for a whole day.


Last but not least, the Ledro Valley

To conclude your weekend in Trentino, you just have to visit the fantastic Ledro Valley, famous in the first half of the century for the discovery of thousand prehistoric lake dwellings, dating back to the Bronze Age. There are many things to do and to see in the Ledro Valley: in addition to Lake Ledro, other attractions await you: the prehistoric lake dwellings, the Ledro Land Art statues, the waterfall Gorg D’Abiss, the natural area of Lake Ampola, many promenades, mountain huts and shelters and, naturally, the small villages of the valley, with their ancient taste.

In short, you can conclude your weekend in Garda Trentino in this perfect way!


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