Hike to the Rif. Nino Pernici mountain hut: hiking and nature in the Ledro Valley

rifugio nino pernici ledro

Among the mountain huts of the Ledro Valley, you cannot miss the Rif. Nino Pernici mountain hut, situated in the mountains surrounding Bocca di Trat. A beautiful view over the Ledro Valley, Lake Garda and Alpi Ledrensi. Let’s find out.

Rif. Nino Pernici mountain hut: nature and history in the Ledro Valley

The Rif. Nino Pernici mountain hut in Bocca di Trat is located in the Alpi Ledrensi, between Ledro Valley and Lake Garda. At 1.600 m a.s.l., it offers typical cuisine, bar service and 30 beds. We recommend you to visit it from May to October, but it could be also opened in other periods: please contact the mountain hut to know the weather conditions and the possible opening. It is a destination for trekking tours or mountain bike excursions but it is also a starting point to discover the surrounding summits.

It can be reached through various pathways: let’s see them together!

How to arrive: From Pieve di Ledro to Lenzumo

To reach the Nino Pernici mountain hut, you can start from Pieve di Ledro or Lenzumo, a small fraction of Bezzecca in Val Concel, only 4km from Pieve di Ledro, easily accessible through SP119 provincial road. Once in Lenzumo, you follow the directions to the mountain hut.

The paths to Nino Pernici mountain hut

From Lenzumo to Nino Pernici mountain hut (short path)

From Lenzumo, very soon you will reach a parking lot, just a few hundred metres from Malga Trat (1504 m). Overcoming the alpine hut, continue along the forest road until you reach Bocca di Trat, from where the SAT 413 path for Pernici mountain hut starts. The path is 2,5 km long for a vertical drop of about 126 meters (Walking time: 30 minutes). This path is suitable for all, also for prams.

Do you want to make a special experience? At Malga Trat you can live a day as a cheesemaker, with ‘Montain Hut at sunrise’ event in the Ledro Valley.

To Nino Pernici mountain hut from Pieve di Ledro

A scenic round path starts from Pieve di Ledro to Pernici mountain hut. This 7km path has a difference in altitude of 390 meters (walking time: approx. 3.5 hours). From the village, go up by taking the 454 path towards Malga Saval. From Bocca Saval (1704 meters) follow the SAT 413 path to the mountain hut where we recommend you a stop. Then go down the road to Malga Trat and then continue along the SAT 403 path. Then follow the forest road until you reach a road on the right that leads down to the forest road below. This road leads to the locality of Locca. From here, go back to Pieve di Ledro.

This is a panoramically beautiful itinerary. For those who want to add a bit of difference in level, it is possible from Malga Saval to reach Cima Pari (1991 meters) that offers a fabulous view of three lakes: Garda, Ledro and Molveno.

Lenzumo – Val Sorda – Pernici Mountain Hut

From Lenzumo you can reach the cross-country ski runs in the locality Chinaec, easily accessible by car through Val Concey. From here you can walk through SAT 402 path that goes uphill into the wood quite steeply, through Val Sorda. Here the path crosses an earth road. Continue by following the SAT trail signs and then go back on the road towards Malga Doss de Fiori.

Lenzumo – Val da Vai– Pernici Mountain Hut

From Lenzumo you can reach Pernici mountain hut through a asphalt road for a few hundred meters. After a few barns, turn left to leave the car and follow the SAT 403 path to Malga Trat (see short path). For the return you can follow the SAT 403 path or the SAT 402 through Val Sorda (see above). It is a path into the forest with 800 m elevation gain.

Mezzolago – Dromaè – Pernici Mountain Hut

In Mezzolago you can drive across the village up to a ban. Here you park and you start to climb towards Malga Dromaè and the homonymous Bocca in Val Concei, where it is possible to enjoy the flowering in spring. From here, the path becomes flat until you reach the mountain hut. The final stretch is very scenic.

The view from Pernici Mountain Hut

From Bocca di Trat you can admire a beautiful view of the Ledro Valley: villages, lake and mountains surround Nino Pernici mountain hut. Then, widening your gaze, you can admire Lake Garda, Lake Tenno and Alpi Ledrensi mountains.

In the memories of the Great War

An excursion to Nino Pernici mountain hut is ideal for nature lovers and for lovers of the history of the Great War. Next to the hut, in fact, you can find the Riccadonna Cave, captain of Kaiserjãger (Austro-Hungarian soldiers), and trenches of the First World War.

In short, Pernici mountain hut is a must-see during your holiday in the Ledro Valley. Have we intrigued you? Now you just have to pack you bag, wear hiking shoes and go…to the discovery of Nino Pernici mountain hut in order to immerse yourself in nature!

Photo credits: vallediledro.com



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