The main events in the Ledro Valley

Learn about all our favorite events in the Ledro Valley

 The Ledro Valley has its charm in every season, for those looking for outdoor sports, for anyone interested in unspoiled nature, for those who desire a holiday dedicated to culture, for people who want to relax and, yes, also for those who want to eat well! In addition to these “typical” activities, you can find other “special” activities which are really worth marking on the calendar in order to plan your next holidays in Trentino. So here’s a list of the main events in the Ledro Valley: we selected for you our favorites.

Flowering in Dromaè

Did you know that the Ledro Valley is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve? We are not talking about a “promotion” achieved by chance. On the contrary: the valley is, in fact, rich in a particular nature and is very lush. In addition to the typical alpine flora that characterizes the Dolomites, with evergreen and deciduous woods, you can also find Mediterranean plants, due to the proximity of Lake Garda and Lake Ledro with their mitigating effect.

For this reason, here nature is so beautiful, varied and colorful. In May, it reaches its maximum splendour and just this month the Ledro Valley celebrates the flowering of the meadows in Dromaè, a place overlooking the town of Mezzolago. Here, in spring, lawns are filled with colors, thanks to wild daffodils, peonies and other amazing wild flowers. First, you can dive into a short trek to admire lawns and to photograph the beautiful flowering; then you can go to Casinei di Dromaè where you can taste typical dishes of Trentino tradition with polenta, salami and grilled meat – All with live music, in the middle of a breathtaking landscape, and with a magnificent view of Lake Ledro.

Music Festival

Every year, as the summer comes by, the association “Ledro in Musica” organizes the Music Festival, by collecting dozen of groups and songwriters coming from the local territory, from Italy and from all over the world. The Music Festival awaits you on the 21st of June, with a full calendar of exhibitions held in squares, streets and courtyards.


Now a traditional event for Triathlon enthusiasts, Ledroman debuted in 2014 and from that time it started to attract more and more athletes, reaching the maximum threshold of 1000 participants. Lake Ledro is the protagonist of the athletic competition: 750 m swimming in its cobalt waters, 20 km by bike (a challenging course consisting of 2 laps of 10 km around the lake), 5 km running from Pieve to Mezzolago and back. Ledroman is not just a race, but it is a real party made warmer by the public!

Winter Ledroman

Until now we have seen the “traditional” events of the Ledro Valley. Winter Ledroman is a novelty: on 4th January 2020 will start a new adventure “Winter Ledroman by night”. This “ZERO” edition will be a “Winter triathlon non competitive super sprint” characterized by 2 km run, 4 km bike and 2 km ski in Chianec, departing at 17:00 h. In short, a fun challenge for the athletes, a real show for the audience.

Montain Hut at sunrise

You know that sunrise is a magical moment that we don’t often value. This assumption is the background to the initiative “Mountain Hut at sunrise”, an itinerant event that allows you to spend a day as a cheesemaker in the mountain huts of Trentino. And we know that a cheesemaker wakes up early, very soon indeed: for participants, the alarm rings before 6:00 am., in order to reach the mountain huts by car, by bike or on foot, for living the experience of milking and milk processing. Of course, a rich breakfast based on genuine products is not missing: you just have to discover which mountain huts of the Ledro Valley will join the initiative this year.

International regattas

You should also be aware that, every year, Lake Ledro hosts numerous national and international sailing regattas: like the Eurosaf Youth Match Race Europeans, the prestigious trophy Om International Ledro Match Race and many other challenges out on the water. They are spectacular and can be enjoyed on a boat or seen from the shore of the lake.

The Christmas Markets and the Christmas Village of the Giant

Trentino region is land of Christmas Markets, you know! In addition to the famous Markets of Trento, Arco and the villages of Canale and Rango, we advise you to also make a visit to Bezzecca. In the Ledro Valley the Village of the Giant animates the Christmas days: here it is possible to learn about Gilli, a legendary figure of end 800 (He was 2.60 m tall!) and to visit the markets that host local crafts and small quality producers. Thanks to their products, you can enjoy all the flavour of our valley.

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