At the discovery of the Waterfall Gorg d’Abiss in the Ledro Valley

cascata Gorg d'abiss a Ledro

Trentino Region is land of castles, apples and…waterfalls! There isn’t a valley where you cannot admire a waterfall in all its beauty, between jets of water and enchanted atmospheres. In the Ledro Valley there is the Waterfall Gorg d’Abiss. Do you know it? We’ll tell you about it in this article!

The Waterfall Gorg d’Abiss – etymology, origin and details of the path

The Waterfall Gorg d’Abiss originates from Massangla river that flows through a small valley close to the village of Tiarno di Sotto. Massangla river crosses the wood and, by digging into the rock for ages, has generated this fascinating waterfall. Inside a small cave, you can admire Gorg d’Abiss: water leaks through the rocks creating a small mountain lake that, in turn, creates a small stream. Not by chance, Gorg d’Abiss in dialect means “vortex of the abyss”.

It is an easy itinerary covering 1.5 kilometres with a difference in height of 121 m. An easy path in the wood before reaching the waterfall.

How to arrive

The waterfall Gorg d’Abiss is situated in Tiarno di Sotto, just 6 km from our Good Life Garden Hotel.  How to reach the waterfall: reach the Church of San Bartolomeo in Tiarno di Sotto then continue for Street “Alla sega” and then for Street “A La Van” for 1,5 km.  We suggest you to leave your car before the house number 19 and to follow the path on foot along the stream Massangla.

The path towards Gorg d’Abiss

The walk towards the waterfall starts with the Bugatti Mill (the last watermill dotting the valley), dating from the 15th and 16 th century. From here, you can continue with a pleasant walk in the forest, accompanied by small water jumps of Massangla stream. Then, you arrive at the waterfalls that, almost by surprise, appear in the rocks. You return using the same route.

In summer, the walk assures a cool spot during a warm summer. But it is equally fascinating in winter when the waterfall beautifully freezes (paying attention to the path)!

The little Church of St George

At the middle of the way, there is the fork for the little Church of St George: after a small stretch in the forest, you cross the paved road and, going on for about 20 minutes, you arrive at the Church. The Church dates back to the 15th century and it lies on a hill overlooking the villages of Tiarno di Sopra and Tiarno di Sotto and the upper Ledro Valley. Among its characteristics: the onion shaped dome of the bell tower, the altar piece with St George and the dragon and the wood carvings decorating the interior of the church.

You know, we elected Gorg d’Abiss as one of the unmissable waterfalls in Trentino. And what do you think?


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