10 things to do in Ledro Valley

Ledro Valley in Trentino offers many activities for everyone: from walks to relax on the shore of the lake, from trails in the woods suitable for adults and children to abundant tastings with local products.

Discover with us the best 10 things to do in Ledro Valley!

The lake and the beaches of Ledro Lake

Ledro Valley is known for its lake with emerald green waters, equipped beaches, shaded areas and shores where you can relax with your partner or family.

For sport enthusiasts, it is possible to make the entire trip of the lake, which is 9 km long, using bicycle paths and secondary roads that run alongside it, or to try one of the many aquatic sports like canoeing, sailing or SUP (stand up puddle boarding).

For romantic people, we suggest trying the Red Emotion experience with tour of the lake and picnic on board!

Trekking in Ledro Valley

Ledro Valley offers a whole variety of alternatives for trekking lovers. There are so many mountain or valley trails with different levels of difficulty, with paths which are also suitable for children.

One of the most suggestive paths is the one that leads from Pregasina to Punta Larici, a true natural balcony on Garda Lake.  Ledro Alps, that surround the valley, offer the possibility to try more difficult trekking paths, such as the path that leads to Cima Parì, the highest peak of the Ledro Valley.

Walking in Val Concei

Val Concei is crossed by a long valley trail which, from Lenzumo, leads to “Al Faggio” Chalet, the heart of the valley. Along the 4 kilometers of the path, you can admire flowery meadows and beech forests where you will have the chance to see wild animals and cows grazing about the grass near the huts. The path is ideal for families, also possible with buggy.

At the end of the path, the Chalet “Al Faggio” will satisfy the tastes of adults and children with one of the culinary specialities of the valley: a dish of steaming potato polenta.

Ponale Street: the panoramic view of Lake Garda

For people who enjoy a stay in Ledro Valley, Ponale Street is one of the most fascinating attraction that must not be missed!

This trail, right above Garda Lake, is an easy walk that, along its 4km, offers some stunning views and glimpses of rare beauty. You can reach Pregasina by car or by foot and then you can descend towards Riva del Garda.

Remember to bring your camera and to stop for an aperitif on the terrace of Belvedere Ponale!

Gorg d’Abiss Waterfall

Gorg d’Abiss, near the village of Tiarno di Sotto, is a fissure in the rock from which a beautiful crystal-clear waterfall flows. The path is simple and relaxing and, along its 1,5 km, it allows you to immerse yourself into a real natural oasis. This excursion is especially recommended during the summer for people who are looking for some coolness but it is also fascinating during the winter when the waterfall freezes.

Lake Ampola

Ampola Lake is a natural area, protected by a biotope, and it is located near the homonymous pass above the village of Tiarno di Sopra. A wooden walkway allows the visitors to admire marshes, reeds and grasslands inhabited by rare water animals. Waterlilies and orchids are some of the protected species which surround the path and whose you can learn more by visiting the Visitors’ centre.

Ledro Land Art

Ledro Land Art is a complex of natural and artistic installations, a place full of magic: you will find yourself in a wood populated by inanimate animals and strange statues. It is located in Pur, directly on the shore of Ledro Lake. The project, which began in 2012, has the aim to create creative works which combine with the nature, respecting and enhancing it. The statues are entirely made using natural materials (wood, moss, stone, bark), respecting the Land Art’s principles.

This is a path that we recommend to families with children because it is easy and because its bizarre creations will delight children and adults alike.

The pile dwellings of Ledro Lake

Here nature is the host of the house, but there are also many cultural attractions!

The remains of the pile dwellings in Ledro Valley are placed in Molina and they are more than 4000 years old. During the construction of the hydroelectric power plant of Riva del Garda and with the partial lowering of the water level, some wooden poles dating back to the Bronze Age came to light.

The Pile-Dwelling Museum of Ledro Lake, which is part of the MUSE, the Science Museum of Trento, includes a collection of objects found in this area and the full scale reconstruction of some pile dwellings. During the summer, the Pile-Dwelling Museum is full of activities for children and visitors can take part in workshops, games and in initiatives included “A night in a pile dwelling”. Read “The pile-dwellings of the Ledro Valley” article if you want to learn more about this attraction.

Villages in Ledro Valley

The small villages of the Ledro Valley retain an antique flavour. They are worth being visited at the discovery of quiet and suggestive corners. Val Concei offers interesting starting points for a visit. Don’t miss the small villages of Enguiso, Lenzumo and Locca.

If, instead, you want to remain near the lake, you can explore Pieve di Ledro’s roads with its wood farmhouses and colorful gardens, without forgetting the famous Pharmacy lab Foletto’s Museum.

Huts and tastings

Ledro Valley is also famous for its eno-gastronomic specialities! We recommend tasting valley’s products in characterisctic restaurants and craft shops, beginning with Leder beers and finishing with Foletto Family’s Picco Rosso liqueur. Among the typical dishes to taste, we remember the famous potato polenta or desserts such as Bohemian dumplings and “livance”(a sort of pancake served with powdered sugar and jam).

During the summer, don’t miss the paths through the alpine huts with the possibility to taste fresh and ripened cheeses made from milk produced on the hillsides of the valley or the excursion at Malga Trat, a starting point for spending beautiful days in the open air!

It has been very difficult to make a list of only 10 points and to try to incorporate in it all the beauties of our valley, but we are certain that we gave good advice for an excellent starting point that will lead you to the discovery of our area!

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