5 easy walks suitable for families with children in Ledro Valley

The Ledro Valley is a destination for the whole family. Mountains and meadows, which provide a backdrop to the lake, offer many ideas for easy walks and trekking trails suitable for families with children of all ages. Let’s discover together the paths suitable for small children, some of which also suitable for baby carriages.

A classic path: a walk around Lake Ledro

Let’s start with the most classic tour, the walk around Lake Ledro, with the starting point in Pieve di Ledro where you will find a convenient parking.

The promenade is about 9 km long, characterized by asphalted and dirt roads to be followed quietly, while admiring the landscape and stopping for relaxing on the many beaches of the lake.

To make this excursion without stopping, 2 hours and a half are needed. This promenade passes through the Mezzolago village and it continues through Molina di Ledro with its pile-dwellings and it borders the shores of the lake, passing by the Pur beach and going back to Pieve.

This path is suitable for strollers. If instead you are with older children, don’t miss a visit to the Museum of Pile dwellings of Ledro to immerse yourself in the Bronze Age!

The biotope of Lake Ampola

Nature lovers can choose the easy walk through the biotope of Lake Ampola, a natural area placed near Tiarno di Sopra village where the road climbs towards the mountains.

From the convenient parking near the mountain lake, you can follow the wooden walkways which, through reeds, water lilies and wet meadows, lead to the stretch of water.

Going on along the track, you enter the forest until you arrive at the Visitors’ Centre of Lake Ampola, where you can find out more about flora and fauna of this protected area.

Val Concei: a naturalistic path

Val Concei is a flat valley surrounded by the twilight of the woods and it can be travelled following the naturalistic path.

The itinerary starts from Lenzumo village and it winds for about 4 km, through woods of fir trees, beeches and larches, where, once in a while, there are meadows with lots of old alpine pastures and barns. Along the way, also possible with a stroller, you can find many picnic areas, but if you want to try the typical cuisine of the Ledro Valley, you can go on until you arrive at the Refuge “Il Faggio”, located at the end of this path.

The fresh waters of the waterfall Gorg d’Abiss

In Ledro Valley, water is an element that creates wild landscapes and it offers truel spectacles of nature.

Even the little ones can enjoy these wonders of nature, visiting the waterfall Gorg d’Abiss in Tiarno di Sotto, where the stream Messangla flows into a cleft of the rock. This easy walk is 1.5 km long and it passes through the old mill “Bugatini” and, one hour later, it leads to the waterfalls, the perfect place where you can find coolness on warm days.

To the discovery of the Ledro Land Art’s works of art

Pur beach is the lake’s most tranquil beach and, in its pine forest, it hosts the works art of Ledro Land Art, a park full of sculptures and artistic elements, a perfect place to bring your little ones too.

The easy walk winds through the wood along the stream Assat and, while you’re walking, you can discover different attractions made using wood, stone and branches that blend with the nature: the cows or the big witch’s broomstick will take your children’s breath away! You grown-ups remember to bring your camera and a snack to eat into the wood.

We still have many ideas to show you the full beauty of this area…Come back soon on the blog Alpine Garda Holiday!


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