Fall experience in the Ledro Valley and in Trentino region: discover 3 good reasons

autunno lago di ledro trentino

The sizzling summer days are slowly getting shorter and they give way to autumn, with its warm and wrapping colors. This season allows you to immerse yourself in nature with stimuli that involve all the five senses.

For this reason, we gave you various proposals to discover the region, but first, let’s find out the good reasons for spending your holiday between the colors of Ledro and Trentino region.

Three reasons to discover Trentino region and the Ledro Valley in the fall

Autumn is the most fascinating period to spend a holiday in Trentino and in the Ledro Valley. There are at least three reasons for doing so. Discover them together:

To photograph the fall foliage on the Lake

The woods coloured themselves with the autumn tones, with infinite nuances of orange, yellow and red. The leaves that come down become a multicolored canvas of which nature is the painter. This phenomenon is called foliage and it is the best moment to photograph Trentino’s woods and landscapes that are characteristic of this season of richness. In fact, the word Autumn comes from the Latin autumnus, namely “rich in fruit, capable peasants to increase their wealth”. In the entire Trentino, you can admire the foliage: from the Fumo Valley to the Lake Santo in the Cembra Valley, from the beech woods of Paganella to the chestnut woods of Brentonico, up to the Lake Tovel.

It is not necessary to go far, because Concei Valley with its beech woods, small rural villages and the smell of wood can offer autumnal warm emotions.

To admire panoramic views at high altitude and to listen to the bellowing of the deer

The period following the summer is the most suitable for immersing yourself in nature: from promenades on the lakes of Trentino region, such as Lake Garda, Lake Tenno and Lake Ledro to the excursions in the alpine pastures and mountain huts.

Autumn explodes in all its beauty not only in its colors but also in the forest’s inhabitants: it is the best time to listen to the bellowing of deer in love to conquer the females. But it is also the best time to stay in a characteristic mountain chalet, such as our Silenthia Chalet with the possibility of encountering deer, roe deer, foxes and squirrels. In short, with your hiking boots, you can venture in trekking excursions in the Ledro Valley and in Trentino region in order to discover how this season can donate fantastic landscapes and exciting encounters.

To taste the flavors of autumn in Trentino

Autumn also means harvest, but also chestnut, potatoes, pumpkins, mushrooms, truffles…and much more! The flavors of autumn vary depending on the area: in the Ledro Valley, for example, it is the period of purple potato, a typical product of the valley that can be tasted with ad hoc menu. There are as many flavors as there are Trentino valleys. Every valley has at least an excellent typical product.

There is no doubt that the season preceding the winter is tasty. It has a warm and flavorful taste, accompanied by the warmth of the fireplace. There are plenty of opportunities for tasting the typical products of the Ledro Valley and Trentino region: Garda with taste (a weekend gourmet full of tastes and flavors that speak of Trentino) not to be missed.

In short, there is no excuse: to visit Trentino region is a must to say goodbye to summer and to welcome the winter!


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