Lake Ledro or Lake Ledra? Let us discover the fourth largest lake in Trentino

The lake around the Ledro Valley, what do you call it? It seems that this beautiful lake in Trentino is known, outside the region, as also Lake Ledra! Or, at least, that’s what we often see written in the booking requests that we receive from our future clients.

In fact, the correct name is Lake Ledro, like the homonymous valley, and it is the perfect destination for those who love the mountain and its uncontaminated mirroring waters. Let’s find out!

Lake Ledro’s characteristics

Lake Ledro is a swimming basin of moranic origin, characterised by its crystal-clear waters and its splendid green colour. Its perimeter is about 10 km and it is entirely practicable both by bicycle or on foot with a relaxing walk of about two hours. The maximum depth is 35 metres and with its 2.2 km² of total surface is considered the fourth largest lake in Trentino. The principal outflowing is the Ponale torrent that flows into Garda Lake with a the spectacular waterfall nearly 30 meters high.

Entertainment and sports activities on Ledro Lake

Although it is situated on 655 m a.s.l., during the summer it reaches a temperature of 24 degrees and it is perfect for practicing various sports’ activities: from swimming to sailing, from windsurfing to canoeing. The latest new in terms of outdoor activities on the lake is the cablewake board in Pur:

it is a way to water ski (or wakeboard), in which the skier’s rope and handle are pulled by an electrically-driven cable. On the beaches of the lake it is possibile to rent some equipment such as paddleboats, kayaks, but also the popular sup board with whom you can plough the turquoise waters of the lake. Also lovers of fishing will appreciate the calm waters of Lake Ledro: in order to practise this discipline, you must be in possession of the fishing permit.

The most beautiful beaches of the lake

The lake boasts four main beaches, each beach is public and has many facilities.

Coming from Riva del Garda, the first beach you meet is that of Molina di Ledro, in “Besta”, the sunniest beach of the lake where you can relax on a comfortable meadow or enjoy beach volleyball.

Further north, there is the Mezzollago beach where you can walk on a a floating pontoon and you can use its areas with picnic facilities.

Driving along the lake, you will find the public beach of Pieve di Ledro, equipped with a children’s playground, playing fields and many restaurants.

Finally, we have to mention the small and quiet beach of Pur, located on the southern shores of the lake, also equipped with a dog park for those who love spending their holidays with their four-legged friends.

For further information see our section concentrating on the most beautiful beaches of Lake Ledro.


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