Mountain huts and refuges of the Ledro Valley

malga valle di ledro

Not only lake and beaches, but also authentic experiences in the valley’s fresh mountain air!

Refuges and mountain huts offer the opportunity to enjoy hikes to the discovery of traditional alpine dishes and scents of the Ledro Valley’s peaks and pastures. Let us discover a selection of itineraries that must not be missed!

The Refuge “Al Faggio” in Val Concei

Located in Val Concei, in the green heart of the Ledro Valley, the refuge “Al Faggio” is the ideal destination for simple hikes for the whole family. The chalet is a restaurant where typical recipes of the Ledro Valley are celebrated…non only potato polenta and game, but also tasty first and second dishes based on red fruits picked up in the surrounding woods.

An excellent way to reach the refuge is through the path of Fondovalle which from Lenzumo leads to it, crossing pastures that, in summer, are punctuated by cows and, in winter, are snow-covered; in cold seasons, it can be reached also with snowshoes.

Alternatively, it is reachable by car, following 7km of asphalt road that starts near Pieve di Ledro, one of the most charming villages of the valley, through the small villages of Val Concei.

Departing from Concei, you will discover various huts such as Malga Dromaè”, “Malga Gui” and “Malga Cadria”, following the “hut-to hut tour”, that is an itinerary recommended especially during summer when it is possible to taste and buy Zero-Km cheeses and dairy products.

From Malga Trat to Refuge Nino Pernici

A classic hike, suitable both in summer and in autumn, is the path that leads to Malga Trat and then to Refuge Nino Pernici. The hiking path n. 413 begins in the Malga Trat’s parking, easily accessible following the Val Concei by car, on foot or by bike departing from Lenzumo.

In summer the road is always open and at Malga Trat there is the opportunity to obtain supplies of dairy delicacies coming from La Genziana farm.

The Refuge Nino Pernici can be reached by 30 minutes walk over an unpaved path, also convenient for children. Once there, you can taste typical home-cooked goodness and there is also the possibility to stay overnight.

Departing from the Refuge Nino Pernici and taking the path n. 402, you can reach Capanna Grassi in about an hour and a half. It is located above the village of Campi and Tenno Lake.

Alternatively, you can go back towards Malga Trat, following the ring-shaped path n. 413 which passes through Bocca Saval. Here you can see Malga Saval and also the ruins of the military hospital.

The ring-shaped path, with arrival and departure from Malga Trat, extends for about 7 km and it takes approximately three and a half hours.

Huts and Refuges around Tremalzo Pass

The paths which lead to Tremalzo Pass are surrounded by huts and refuges that can be partially reached by car, by bike or on foot through paths of different difficulty.

The most famous is the Refuge Garibaldi, upstream d’Ampola Lake. The refuge is normally closed in winter but, during the summer season, you can stop here to taste typical dishes or have a drink in complete tranquillity. The small Malga Giù and Malga Cita can be visited during the summer months, departing from the parking of Tremalzo Pass, when cows and goats are taken up to mountain pastures and when the paths are dotted by alpine flowers and autochthonous herbs.

Finally, Malga Bezzeca is managed by Batistì farm that every summer guides up its cows. You can reach it by car following the panoramic road that climbs from the valley.

During the opening period, from June to September, you can see typical activities characterizing the alpine culture, from the production of flavored cheeses to the livestock management.

To get in tune with this world, don’t miss the “Albe in Malga” event!

Therefore, you should only wear your walking shoes with your rucksack for discovering huts and refuges!


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