Pieve di Ledro: what you can see in the rural village on the lake

Pieve di Ledro is a rural village of about 600 inhabitants and it is placed on Lake Ledro, in Trentino, at an altitude of 660 meters above sea level. The beautiful setting of the Alpi Ledrensi mountains and the proximity to Lake Ledro make it an interesting destination for those who prefer sports and for those who prefer to relax.

Do you want to know what you can see in Pieve di Ledro? Come with us for a short tour through the village.

What to see in Pieve di Ledro

Church, vegetable gardens and cockcrow: these are just some of the rural elements characterizing Pieve as a mountainous village. Pieve is also the capital of the municipality of Ledro and seat of the Town Hall.

Those who visit Pieve di Ledro can not miss to visit the old Church of the Annunciation, built back in 1235. Continuing your walk in this village on Lake Ledro, you can’t miss the Old Town Hall that will fascinate you with its small San Giuseppe oratory and its entrance gate dating back to the 17th century, built in white stone and finely decorated.

Another pearl to visit is the Pharmacy Museum: equipment and machinery used by the pharmaceutical laboratory (located here since 1800) are preserved here. It is the first pharmacy of this valley, called and known as Foletto Pharmacy. Today it is known for its production of creams, cosmetics, syrups and the famous “Picco Rosso”, a liqueur at 61 degrees made with wild strawberries and raspberries.

For history lovers, we remember that Pieve was the scene of an episode of the Third Independence War and the prelude to the most famous battle of Bezzecca of successive July 21. It is there that, on 18 July 1866, the Austrians were forced to retreat and to find refuge over the surrounding mountains. They were rejected by the 2nd Regiment of Italian Volunteers, subordinate to the Corps of Italian Volunteers of Giuseppe Garibaldi.

In the heart of the Ledro Valley between lake and walks

For lovers of natural landscapes, from this village, it is possible to admire unforgettable views on Lake Ledro and to venture along the many paths, immersed in nature, such as the Pur Path, a perfect starting point for making walking or bicycle tours towards Molina di Ledro.

Pieve di Ledro is the heart of the Ledro Valley, where you can enjoy the tranquility of the lake and admire the natural landscape along the numerous beaches bordering Lake Ledro.

Sports enthusiasts have the opportunity to go sailing and kayaking on the lake, to go canyoning in the gorges, trekking and mountain biking in the mountains.

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We are waiting for you in the Ledro Valley!


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