Sustainable tourism in Trentino. This is why we want to be eco-friendly!

In the last decade new forms of tourism have been developed. They are very sensitive to environmental impact such as ecotourism or sustainable tourism: more and more people are looking for a green hotel for their holiday, especially in the mountains and in Trentino. So we we made it our responsibility to play our part at the Good Life Garden Hotel in the Ledro Valley.

But what are sustainable tourism, ecotourism or responsible tourism?

Sustainable tourism assesses the effects of tourism on the environment in terms of pollution and environmental degradation. Instead, responsible tourism focuses on the ethical impact on the local population and on the economic and social development of the area. Today, however, sustainability and responsibility are not mutually exclusive but complement one another, according to the Italian Association for Responsible Tourism. Ecotourism includes them and, according to the International Ecotourism Society, it is defined as: “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people”.

Why you should choose an eco-friendly hotel

At Good Life Garden Hotel we take care of our territory. For this reason we’re proud to have been awarded the Ecolabel Certificate, a European hallmark of environmentally-friendly products with a reduced environmental impact during their entire life cycle. To be one of the Ecolabel hotels in Trentino is our great goal that we want to share with people who mean the most to us, namely with you. Choosing to stay in an eco-friendly hotel is a way to give value to themselves and to the environment. There are at least three reasons for doing so:

Respect: every territory is unique and authentic, and so is our territory. It deserves respect and we want to defend it, together with the traditions that we have inherited and that we would like to leave to our children;

Harmony: we love lakes and pastures of the Ledro Valley, mountains surrounding us and the warm breeze coming from Garda lake during the summer months. We know that love must be shared and for this reason we offer our guests many outdoor activities through the Emotion experiences: from trekking in the surrounding woods to paragliding, from relaxing aperitifs by the lake to canyoning;

Ecological Quality: To obtain the Ecolabel Certificate, we have embraced the philosophy of the eco-friendly hotels and we are committed to:

  • Reduce energy consumption and use alternative energy sources;
  • Contribute to the removal of architectural obstacles and invest in home automation;
  • Choose an organic furnishing completely consistent with our territory;
  • Promote landscape integration and introduce elements of ecological gardening.

Our ecosustainable policy in practice

If you come to visit us at the Good Life Garden Hotel, you can discover that:

  • Our photovoltaic panels integrate energy production;
  • You can control daily consumption in real time through a tablet available at the front desk;
  • We have a biomass boiler;
  • We effect the selective waste collection on the hotel floors;
  • We encourage sustainable mobility with e-bike rental

The Biosphere Reserve in the Ledro Valley

We live in a land we love. We are in the heart of the Ledro Valley that is part of the Alpi Ledrensi-Judicaria Biosphere Reserve declared by the UNESCO in 2016. An area extending between Garda Lake and Brenta Dolomites. A unique territory we want to enhance and to share with you.

Come and spend your green holiday in Trentino in our hotel. You can enjoy enchanting experiences in contact with nature, being aware that you did something good for our planet.


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