The biotope of Lake Ampola

lago d'ampola

Water, science and nature…we’re talking about Lake Ampola, situated only a few kilometers from the village Tiarno di Sopra, a place very rich in biodiversity close to Ledro Lake!

The biotope of Lake Ampola

Lake Ampola is part of one of 75 Provincial Natural Reserves of Trentino, areas of great natural interest which, together with local reserves and Natura 2000 areas, cover a third of the provincial territory. In this uncontaminated corner of the Ledro Valley, a very well conserved biotope is located. It is composed of a natural lake with many reeds and marshes that provide the natural habitat for different animal species such as frogs, reptiles, migratory birds and different fishes and plants. The pecularity of this biotope consists in being one of the few lake areas to have been cleared protecting its specific features and preserving its original state.

For this reason, the lake shows a high concentration of species which have the possibility to nest without being disturbed.

Itineraries and walks around Lake Ampola

The biotope deserves to be visited walking on the education trail (suitable for everyone) that, from the parking and through a system of walkways, leads to the damp environments and to the Visitors’ Centre. The parking can be reached following directions that you will find near the village of Tiarno di Sopra, a few kilometers from the Lake Ledro and about 20 km from the nearby town of Riva del Garda.

The ring-shaped pathway is simple and flat for a total length of about 1 kilometer. Along the path, you can find several information panels and, thanks to the wooden walkways above the lake, you can look closely at various species of frogs, toads, coots and moorhens and you can admire the vegetation, including reeds, yellow water lilies and colourful orchids.

The final part of the visit is the Visitors’ Centre of Lake Ampola that is part of ReLed, the Museum Network of the Ledro Valley. The Centre is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from May to September: here you can explore the history of this biotope, born in 1995.

One curiosity? The real name of the Centre is Visitors’ Centre “Happy like frogs on a water lily”. It is named after the Italian title of Tom Robbins’ novel.

The nature around Lake Ampola

Around Lake Ampola there are other natural attractions which might be an idea in order to spend a day completely immersed in the nature.

Just a short distance from the lake, there are two spectacular waterfalls. The first is the waterfall Gorg d’Abiss that can be reached after a pleasant walk from the village of Tiarno di Sopra and the second is the waterfall of Ampola that you can see from the roadside when going over a bridge and driving from Storo into Val d’Ampola.

If you are here, remember to stop at the Garden Restaurant in Pieve di Ledro or to spend a few relaxing days choosing among the new Emotion Experiences of the Good Life Garden Hotel.

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