The most beautiful beaches of Lake Ledro

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Lake Ledro: crystal clear waters, nature, relax, beaches and sport activities. Among the most beautiful lakes in Trentino, Lake Ledro is situated on 650 m a.s.l. and its clear waters are ideal for swimming on warm summer days when water reaches a temperature of 24 degrees.

Its emerald mirror offers great opportunities for water sports, from canoeing to windsurfing, sailing, swimming and fishing, but not only them! To the lake the beaches are wonderful to relax surronded by nature. Which are the most beautiful beaches of Lake Ledro? Let’s discover them together!

Beach of Pieve di Ledro

This beach, that gently slopes down towards the lake, is located on the northwest shore of Lake Ledro. It is a perfect location for guests who wish to remain near the historic centre of Pieve di Ledro and it is only 2 minutes’ walk from the Garden Hotel and the Ledro Residence.

Particularly suitable for families, it offers numerous opportunities for recreation: from rental pedal boats, to games for children such as the minigolf course or the children play area. In this area of the lake you can also find an ice cream parlor and a supermarket. Don’t miss to pamper yourself in the Garden Restaurant, located on this part of the lake, that will offer you many culinary delicacies.

Beach of Molina di Ledro

This beach is located in “Besta”. In a beautiful position, fully exposed to the sun, with a big green field before the beach on which it is possible to relax and enjoy the mountain sun. Suitable for athletes, it is possible to play a game of beach volleyball or to play tennis in special areas.

Furthermore, for those who want to enjoy water sport activities, there is the opportunity to rent a kayak and to slide over the surface of the lake. Here too there are plenty of restaurants and bars where you can taste typical dishes and you can relax with the whole family.

Beach of Mezzolago

The beach of Mezzolago is the closest one to the town Pieve di Ledro and it is located directly on the lake. In order to relax in this area of the lake, it is possible to sunbathe in the big field, while the kids are playing in the children play area, just steps from the beach. You can rent pedaloes and boats for relaxing and enjoying nature of the place from another perspective.

Beach of Pur

Located on the southern shores of the lake, the beach of Pur is perfect for people who love peace and who love to immerse themselves in the unspoiled nature. Furthermore, a part of this beach is for dogs: the four-legged friends will have fun together with their owners and will be happy to swim in the turquoise waters of the lake.

Precisely on this beach, the novelty of the summer 2018 is coming! The installation of a cablewake board will be completed shortly. It is a way to water ski (or wakeboard), in which the skier’s rope and handle are pulled by an electrically-driven cable. A new and a fun sport that relieves stress and has plenty of emotions to offer in the open air. Suitable for adults, children and also people with disabilities, it helps you to face your fears, to improve your motor skills and your relationship with water.

Pur is the wildest beach and it is suitable for young people that can dive from a rock or explore the Ledro Land Art path. For people who want to stop and to have a chat, immersed in nature, it is possible to take a break at “Bar Valmaria” for enjoying a drink.

Useful information about the beaches of the Ledro Valley

Along the entire coast of Lake Ledro, parking fees are available. If you spend the night in this area, it is advisable to choose an alternative means of transport, such as a bicycle, or to move on foot and to make your holiday eco-friendly and not only a total immersion in the nature of the place.

Beaches are free and there are always a lawn, a gray area and a pebbly beach near the bank. Furthermore, it is possible to explore the path that runs along the lake on foot or by bicycle and to reach all the beaches.

Well, come on, then, what you waiting for? Lake Ledro is ideal for a holiday with your family or your friends, fully immersed in nature, sport activities and wellness.


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