Val Concei: paths, beeches and nature


Who love the tranquillity and the open air activities will fall in love with Val Concei, in Trentino, a small branch valley of Ledro Valley where it is possible to rediscover the slow rhythms of the nature, walking through its meadows and woods that change their look with every season.

Val Concei is the ideal spot for a “digital detox holiday” in Trentino: we are in the heart of “biosphere Reserve”, recognised by Unesco with the name of “Alpi Ledrensi e Judicaria”.

What to do in Val Concei

With its 3000 hectares of surface and more than 2000 species of flora, Val Concei is a concentration of nature, studded with 3 small rural villages: Locca, Enguiso and Lenzumo. They are Alpine countries where, lifting gaze to the sky, we can admire wooden roofs, stacks of wood next to the entrance and ceilings full of straw. In short, they are places where you can enjoy a real slow holiday.

The main attraction of the valley is the nature and the possibility to go on simple walks, to go trekking, to go on many mountain bike tours or, in winter time, to go cross-country skiing in Chinaec. In this oasis Monte Cadria is located. With its 2254 meters, it is the highest peak in Ledro Valley and also one of the most challenging mountain path.

In autumn, the valley offers splendid spectacles of foliage: when you want to go for a walk, bring your camera to capture the wonderful autumn colours.

Hikes along Val Concei paths

Val Concei offers spectacular walking tours for a walk suitable for eveybody. The most famous path is, without any doubt, the “Sentiero Naturalistico di Fondovalle” that starts at Locca village and ends near “Al Faggio” Chalet. The path is simple and flat and it is also possible to go by mountain bike. Along your path, it is easy to meet  some wild animals like foxes, hares, deer and roebucks.

At the end of the path, you will be faced with the oldest tree in Ledro: a centuries-old beech of 30 meters in height!

We recommend another hike “L’anello del Bosco Fertile”, a path that has developed into the area “Al Faggio” and it is designed to help people to discover the Val Concei vegetation, including firs, larches and beeches.

Culinary delights of “Al Faggio” Chalet and of the huts

After a walk through the woods of Val Concei, you will not able to renounce a tasty gourmet pause! At the end of the valley, we recommend a pause at “Al faggio” Chalet: you are in the right place for tasting a cold beer Leder, a regenerating snack or a lunch with Ledro Valley’s specialities. In Val Concei you find the typical recipes of Ledro: potato polenta or yellow polenta accompanied by venison dishes like deer and roe stews, ribs and grilled meat. The numerous huts of the valley produce cheese at 0 km that can be eaten grilled or served by compotes and marmalades.

Where to sleep in Val Concei

Do you want to feel the heat of the roaring log fire and the warm and comfortable location of a wooden chalet? We have what you want…the Silenthia Chalet, a rustic chalet, surrounded by a 8000 sq. m. garden, where peace reigns supreme, also because the wifi hasn’t arrived yet!


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