Wellness and private spa in the Ledro Valley, Trentino

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In the Ledro Valley, in the quiet of Trentino, you can regenerate and relax following the sweet rhythms of nature. This unspoilt corner of nature, a few kilometers from Garda Lake, will lead you into a dimension where lush forests and the silence of the mountain are the absolute protagonists.

Come to discover with us the concept of well-being in the nature of the Ledro Valley!

Well-being and nature in the Ledro Valley

Although the Ledro Valley is a tourist spot, it guarantees a high level of tranquillity throughout the year and, for this reason, it can be a tourist destination for you, wellness lovers.

Meadows’ and woods’ components can be found in the natural materials characterizing wellness centers and hotels, such as the Good Life Garden Hotel that offers its customers an experience of pure relaxation. Creams and infusions are made from Ledro Valley’s herbs and red fruits, cultivated according to organic principles, in complete respect of the environment.

The silence of the woods and the peaks of the valley is a luxury: for such reason, the valley is a place where you can do a digital detox, the process of taking a complete break from technology and detoxing from our digital dependencies in order to focus on our wellbeing.

The wellness experiences range from “forest bathing”, a regenerating walk in the woods of Val Concei, to yoga on fragrant meadows which surround the lake.

To have an experience in total harmony with nature, you can end your day devoting yourself to your wellbeing and letting yourself be spoilt by the scent of the wood and of the mountain herbs.

Garden Hotel’s Private Spa

Garden Hotel’s Private Spa is characterized by simple materials and furnishings which recall the valley’s mountain environment. A 24-square metre small centre with a private spa, a sauna, a turkish bath where you can release all your tensions and expel all the toxins.

Water is the relaxing element par excellence: we find it in the whirlpool tub or in the emotional shower, with chromotherapy and a scented vaporizer. To conclude your wellness experience, we recommend sipping a herbal infusion in the relaxation area in front of the bio-fireplace and, why not, listening to your favourite song.

Wellness 4.0 in the new Emotion rooms

At the Garden Hotel “to feel good” starts on the table, thanks to its authentic menus, created using local ingredients, and it continues in the new Emotion rooms which have been designed to an experience of total relaxation.

In the Emotion Rooms, wood plays a central role to which natural elements, such as stone and musk, are added.

The Blue Emotion room is dedicated to meditation: its particular characteristic is water. Shungite stones make it pure and regenerating.

The Green Emotion room, with its natural colors, will put you in contact with the green of the woods, whereas the Red Emotion room will recharge you thanks to its whirlpool tub and its bio-fireplace. Finally, the Energy Emotion room will captivate you with its luminous and revitalizing color. Bio-detox herbal teas and Ecolabel toiletries complete the relaxing program with particular attention to the environment.

So, where do you want to start your relaxing holiday? Take a look at our section dedicated to Emotion holiday!


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