What can I do in Ledro in the rain?

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The blue sky above the Valle di Ledro becomes dark and in a few minutes there is a sudden downpour! It can also happen when you are on holiday…but do not despair because we have thought of a few useful ideas for you if it rains. Once you have returned to the hotel to get an umbrella and a waterproof mac, come with us to discover the attractions of the Valle di Ledro that you can appreciate (especially) when it rains.

Are you curious to know what to do in Ledro when it rains? Here are our 7 tips:

Visit the Museo delle Palafitte (Pile-dwelling Museum)

The archaeological area of the pile dwellings of Ledro is a site of great importance and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will be able to recognise the museum because of the presence of pile-dwellings outside it. They have been accurately reconstructed on the water, just as they were in the Bronze Age. Inside the rooms you can learn about what our ancestors ate and see the everyday equipment used to hunt, fish and cook. In addition to this interesting exhibition, in collaboration with the MUSE science museum in Trento, the museum organises guided tours and educational workshops: it is an excellent opportunity to learn more about our distant past as cave dwellers.

Stills and pestles: the Museo Foletto

A small museum not far from us, in the centre of Pieve: with its stills and pestles, the Museo Foletto takes us back to the time when a “speziale” (apothecary) was a bit of a scientist and a bit of a magician: weighing, grinding and boiling to create healing ointments and potions.

It is now an excellent museum that sells local products, such as infusions, syrups, tinctures and creams. If you pass by here, don’t forget to buy one of the top products of the Valle di Ledro as a souvenir: the legendary Picco Rosso liqueur!

Discover the nature of the Valle di Ledro at the Tremalzo Visitors’ Centre

The Visitors’ Centre is situated at an altitude of about 1600 metres, at Passo Tremalzo in the Valle di Ledro. Hosted in an ancient alpine dairy, the exhibition tour is spread out over several rooms: some of them have the environment and its special features as their theme, whereas others describe the geology, flora and fauna, as well as the customs and traditions of the Valle di Ledro.

Recommended for those who love the natural world: don’t miss it if you want to learn about the botanical features of the local area of the Valle di Ledro and Lake Ampola.

The Museo Garibaldino: 19th and 20th century history

Did you know that the Valle di Ledro is renowned for Garibaldi’s famous “I obey”? As a tribute to Garibaldi a small exhibition of local history has been set up in Bezzecca: it displays artefacts and documents dating back to events in the 19th and 20th centuries, with special reference to the period of Garibaldi and the First World War.

In the museum, you can hire an audio guide that describes the special features of the exhibition and the wartime events that marked the history of the Val di Ledro. The Museum building is situated in Bezzecca, in Via Salvator Greco along the Assat stream.

And if it rains? Let’s go shopping!

If it’s raining outside, then it’s the right time to go shopping, isn’t it? In the villages of the Valle di Ledro you certainly cannot find large chain stores but small artisan shops instead, where you can buy some souvenirs.

Starting at the Bottega dell’Artigiano, where you can browse among gnomes and wooden puppets, or at Anna Mode and Atelier Rosa, which offer much more than clothing: here you can find shoes, bags, sculptures, painting and hand-made costume jewellery. If you prefer sportswear, Casari Sport, specialised in outdoor wear.

Tastings of cheese and cured meats, beer, honey or grandmother’s sweet preserves

What could be more pleasant than a delicious local jam or a tasty cheese? Here is a quick look at some of our favourite typical products that you can taste on the spot or take home as delicious souvenirs: the Trentino region, with its many woods, is home to wild berries that can be made into raspberry, blueberry, blackberry or blackcurrant jam.

Grassy meadows are the ideal habitat for bees, which make a large amount of mountain honey. We recommend you visit one of the many farms in the Valle di Ledro to stock up on fresh and mature cheeses, alpine dairy ricotta cheese and butter. In the Valle di Ledro, you can also taste the cured meats of Trentino, as well as lake fish and excellent craft beer…unforgettable flavours!

Relax at a Private Spa

At our Good Life Hotel Garden, relaxation is the norm. We have recently created our own private spa, available to guests only upon reservation. Because we believe that to truly relax it is necessary to indulge in the luxury of silence, steam and time to onself, or share a romantic moment with your loved one.

Do you think our tips can be useful? We look forward to seeing you in the mountains, in the sun or…in the rain!


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