Yoga in Trentino


A yoga holiday in Trentino allows you to restore your equilibrium in order to deal with everyday life. The mountains of the Ledro Valley await you to reinvigorate your energies.

Close your eyes. Bring your hands out straight and bring them to your chest. Breathe in. Stay focused on you. Listen. Feel the sensations in your inner being.

Can you hear the sounds of nature? The chirping of birds. The air smells like grass, Swiss pine and fir-tree. The environment aligns with your breath. The warm sun on your face. The rustle of leaves caressed by the wind. Your hands sway following the rhythm of your body. Now you can grasp even the most distant perceptions: a faint odour of olive tree, a little breeze in the distance.

Yoga in the mountains

To be in a genuine place surrounded by woods and fresh air allows your body and your mind to connect directly with nature. To meditate and to practise Asana (yoga postures) in a pristine place helps you to draw strength from your surroundings. The mountain is a perfect place to relax and to follow the principles of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine.

Trentino region is the best place for giving you a detoxifying treatment, sweetened by a warm welcome. Furthermore, if you want to get in touch even more closely with nature, you can explore the area through trekking and outdoor activities.

The Ledro Valley is a prealpine valley, set between Dolomites and Garda Lake, that has a blue and green color: the blue of the lakes such as Lake Ledro, one of the most beautiful and the purest lakes of Trentino, to discover through water sport activities or relaxing on the beach. The green of the Concei Valley’s woods and of alpine pastures to explore on foot or by bike. A combination of colors that will enable you to recharge your batteries.

Meditation and yoga retreats in Trentino

Is your day marked by a hectic pace? Do you feel exhausted of your daily commitments, while you are juggling family, work and city life? Meditation and yoga are simple and effective instruments to satisfy your most important need: to align yourself with yourself. To enjoy a moment dedicated only to you is a necessity, not a luxury. A yoga retreat in Trentino is the ideal way to give you a lot of energy and to face the daily challenges better.

Yoga Week at the Good Life Garden Hotel

The Good Life Garden Hotel in Pieve di Ledro is ready to welcome you to help you restore your equilibrium. From 18 to 25 May 2019, you can join the yoga week. Seven days in a natural place with a splendid view of Garda lake, where you can find moments of harmony and reflection.

A week dedicated to inner listening and to relaxation. Sun salutation and evening meditation will be enriched by the natural power of the mountains, of the light and of fresh air. The Detox retreat will allow you to combine daily exercises with healthy food and rest, without forgetting to fully immerse yourself in the essence of nature through the forest bathing or barefoot. You can also use the Private Spa to dedicate the right time to your well-being and relax in the Emotion rooms where the nature ambience reaches directly into your room through the use of wood, moss and Shungit stones.


Breathe out. Loose up your hands and relax your arms. Open your eyes.

The feeling of serenity you’re experiencing is not a dream. It is the reality.

Come and live with us this wonderful experience.


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