Tremalzo pass, between bike and nature

Tremalzo Pass is the preferred destination for sports lovers which want to explore mountain bike trails but also to relax in the nature, to discover the local flora and to go trekking along the paths that wind through the green pastures. Tremalzo Pass can be easily reached from the valley by car or on foot for a hike between lake and mountain.

Discover with us everything you need to know about this pass, located on the border between Trentino and Lombardy.

The paths that can be followed by bicycle or on foot

There are many paths which start from the pass and, in this post, we decided to describe our favorite path.

One of the most beautiful itineraries that can be followed on foot or by bicycle is the path which from Tremalzo Pass extends along the old military road until reaching the Alpine Hut near Nota Pass, where you can visit different trenches of the Great War.

The path n.254 starts from the parking and takes in the steep slopes of Tremalzo Mount, the second highest mountain of the Gardesane Prealps, with its 1,975 meters of height. From Della Rosa Pass, the route leads further on the trail n.457 which leads, among couloirs and stunning landscapes of the Garda Lake, in the heart of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park until the Alpine Hut near Nota Pass.

The whole path is 9km long, it is characterized by a 900 metres difference in height with climbs and descents and it is addressed to expert hikers. For less-than-expert climbers it is possible to follow only the path n.254 that is 6km long and it is characherized by a difference in height of 800 metres whose 300 metres uphill. It leads from Tremalzo to the slopes of Corno della Marogna, 1951 metres.

The natural area of Tremalzo Pass

Around Tremalzo Pass, it is possible to venture into simple hikes in search of the flora and fauna of Ledro Alps and Gardesane Prealps.

The area around the pass has been the subject of studies for years by the new Science Museum MUSE in Trento: for its unique flower species and for numerous birds which stop in this area during their migrations, the Bocca Caset area is part of the Tremalzo-Tombea protected natural area. In fact, it is an area mainly frequented by naturalists and nature enthusiasts since the beginning of the 19th century. Today, the Visitors’ Centre of Tremalzo Pass welcomes whoever wants to discover something more about flowers, plants and animals of this important natural area and it is open during the summer months from June to September.

How to reach Tremalzo Pass

From the Ledro Valley:

Tremalzo Pass can be reached by car, directly from the valley, through 12km of mountain curves and exclusive views of the street that from Ampola Pass, near Tiarno di Sopra, lead to the pass, on the border with the Alto Garda Bresciano Park.

The route over the Ampola Pass can be comfortably travelled also by motorbike when the weather is milder and when snow and ice let the place to the warm and sunny days. In that period, its breathtaking hairpin bends give some unique emotions!

From the Brescia side of Garda Lake:

It is possible to reach Tremalzo on foot or by bike, from the Lombardo Park, by following the paths that start directly from Nota Pass. Start from Limone sul Garda and climb to the roads that, for about 16km, lead to Tremosine and its villages, then go on to Nota and, from here, to Tremalzo.


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